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Contract letter for contractor

Carlos Santigo
Community Contracting
Hometown OH

Dear Mr. Santigo

I want to thank you for meeting with me on Monday for an overview of the project I want completed. I would like to officially offer you the contract to perform the following services on the property at 1000 Hometown Road.

  • Clean and remove the debris from the current gutter and drain system around the house
  • Remove and replace the old gutters on all four sides of the house
  • Remove and replace the downspouts and drains at the corners of the house
  • Replace broken or damaged roofing shingles
  • Repair the broken soffit above the rear entrance
  • Install underground drain system to allow rainwater and snowmelt to run from the house to the road
  • Replacement of sod and grass where the drain is installed

According to the agreement we discussed at our meeting the total cost of this project is estimated at $1,000. I agree to pay $250 up front on the first day of work as a deposit, with the remainder due at completion of the job. The job is scheduled to start at the beginning of June and last for one week.

Please contact me if this agreement is acceptable and we can sign a formal contract.

Earl Jones