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Computer repairs and servicing small business promo letter

Computer repairs and services are very much in demand, globally. Unlike other businesses, good computer services are so highly valued by the public and by businesses that anybody not getting the service they want will read your promotional materials.

Your potential market is so big, however, that you'll find that ordinary advertising is very expensive. An ad in the local paper may not even be worth the price. Your marketing has to be cost effective.

In many cases, people look for local computer services, so you're best advised to stick to your local market and develop it.

Your best potential clients, however, are local businesses. They suffer from computer breakdowns, and they are always in the market for better services if they can find them, because of the natural costs involved.

These are the people you send your promotional letters. You have a lot of important advantages, being local, and if your services are good, you'll get a lot of good, and more importantly, happy, customers.

The example here is of a brand new computer repairs and services shop in the local mall. Being in the mall is a good way of attracting passing trade, but advertising is more a matter of creating awareness and building a customer base for your business.

This guy has decided to start by telling the other businesses in the mall about his services. When he sends his letter to the rest of the shopping area, he'll only have to change a few words of his text.


Business letterhead



Hi, to all our fellow shopkeepers at Anywhere Shopping Mall!


We're a brand new computer servicing and repair business opening at Shop 7, Level 1 of the Anywhere Shopping Mall.

If you're looking for some help with your computers, or need some upgrades, first aid for a printer, or maybe some sympathy about your software issues, we can be good neighbors.

We can do anything that any other computer service can do, and do it for you on the spot, right here in the Anywhere Shopping Mall. No more sending your stuff away to be fixed, no more downtime.

Our services:

  • Computer repair
  • Computer upgrades
  • Computer servicing
  • Computer building (You tell us what you want, we build it.)
  • Computer peripherals repair and servicing (printers, etc.)
  • Computer advisory services

Just drop in, and have a look around. We're happy to be here, and we might be just what you need, when you need it.

Yours sincerely



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