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Complaint to dealer about auto repairs

General Manager
Ed Sales Autocar
Hometown OH

Dear General Manager

Two weeks ago I brought in my 2001 Autocar for service because of serious hesitation problems when accelerating from a stop. I paid $425 for a tune-up and cleaning of the fuel injection system. I have attached a copy of the invoice.

The next day I experienced the very same problem, which nearly caused a rear-end collision as I attempted to enter the interchange of the expressway.

I drove the car directly back to the shop and left it overnight for repair. I was told the injection system needed readjusting. At one point, your service person tried to convince me that this was normal for this car. I cannot imagine how any such dangerous condition would be considered normal.

Although I had my doubts about the service performed, I drove the vehicle for a few more days. Today the car hesitated again and finally stalled while on the Main Road in town.

I have called to arrange an appointment in two days from today. I am writing to make you aware of this situation before bringing the vehicle back in for a third time.

I have so far spent $500 and lost many hours in taking this car to your shop for repeated servicing for the same problem. Although my family has purchased four cars from your dealership in the past years, any future sales to me, my family or friends, will depend on the satisfactory outcome of this next repair.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Morgan Freed