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Complaint letter to better business bureau about a business practice

Consumer Advocate
Hometown Better Business Bureau
Hometown Oh

Dear People

I am writing to you concerning what I consider a shady, and possibly illegal, business practice at one of our local retail shops.

As part of an ad in the Sunday January 25, 2009 edition of the Hometown News Morton's Photography in the Village Plaza had a Penkon JE-5 DMC camera for sale at $199.99 which I consider an extremely good price for this camera. I immediately went to the store to purchase the camera, arriving just as Morton's was opening at noon.

I was assisted by the owner himself, and when I asked about purchasing the camera from the ad I was informed the store was sold out. I was then informed the store had a much better model for an additional $45.

I then produced the ad, and told the owner that I wanted to purchase the camera that was advertised. I also pointed out that I had been the first customer in the door that day.

The owner stated that he did not think he could obtain the camera to sell for the price listed. I was also told numerous times about the more expensive camera which was available.

I consider this an example of a bait-and-switch type of advertising. I have no intention of shopping there in the future and will recommend that none of my friends do the same.

I would like the Better Business Bureau to investigate this situation please.

Marc Williams