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Complaint letter about price discrepancy

Online Ordering Department
J.J. Smith Clothing Company
Hometown NY

Dear People

I am writing to question a price discrepancy I encountered between an item offered in your retail store and the same item offered on your website.

I recently ordered an outfit from your online store, item #000-0000-0. The price listed on the site was $109, which was paid by credit card. Attached you will find a copy of the invoice I received from your shipping department.

Three days later, while shopping at our local mall, I visited one of your retail shops and found the exact same outfit priced at $79.

I would like to ask for the reasoning for the price difference, and for a refund of the difference ($30). I am assuming that this would be a better solution to packing up the outfit and shipping it back to you for a full refund.

Please advise.

Patricia Cavelli