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Complaint letter about mail-order policies

Mail Order Department
J.J. Jones Clothing Company
Hometown NY

Dear People

I am an avid mail-order and online shopper as I do most of my buying from catalogs and over the internet.

Over the years I have made many purchases from J.J. Jones, both through mail order and at your retail outlets. While I have never had a problem with your service or product quality, I do find unacceptable one recent change to your policies.

I am strongly objecting to a new service charge of $4.50 now added to all mail order purchases. This is in addition to your normal shipping charges, which seem high compared to your competition.

I would like to know if J.J. Jones has plans to continue charging this fee in the future on a permanent basis. If so, I will be considering taking my business to another retailer.

Barb Purcell