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Complaint letter about a product to the better business bureau

Better Business Bureau
Hometown MI

Dear Better Business Bureau

I wish to write you in order to register a complaint about a local retail business, Mike's Showtime and Gifts at 100 Main Street, Hometown.

In November I purchased a video of a Japanese animated movie which I had been looking for. The box which the movie was in stated that the movie was dubbed in English, but when I played the disc on my player the language was all original Japanese without subtitles or dubbing.

I returned the tape to the store the next day. When I asked to return the disc I was told this was not possible because I had already opened the box. After a long conversation the clerk took the tape back and promised to get an English language version for me. I waited five weeks for word until I returned to ask about the disc. I was then informed that the store could not get an English language version of the movie.

When I asked for a refund, I was told that store policy would not allow cash refunds over thirty days. The store offered me an in-store credit instead.

I consider this an unacceptable business practice and want others in our community to be aware of this problem. I would also like to enlist the aid of the Better Business Bureau in getting a refund in the amount of $21.59.

Morgan Freed