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Character reference letter management example


Dear (insert title and name)

Character reference: Mr. Reg Kirkpatrick

Mr. Kirkpatrick was employed for nine years as the Business Manager at this firm, having begun his career here in administration. He is currently employed as a business consultant on an ongoing basis.

I have known Mr. Kirkpatrick for a period of (number of years) both as a personal and professional acquaintance. In that time I have come to deeply respect his character and abilities.

He is very highly regarded by both management and staff of this organization for his knowledge and professionalism. He is the person to whom staff and management turn for advice and guidance across a wide range of business issues.

Mr. Kirkpatrick is a hard working, very reliable person with a strong work ethic. The primary features of Mr. Kirkpatrick's work are great productivity and extremely high quality standards of performance. He progressed rapidly up the ladder of responsibility from his beginning as an administration clerk to becoming our business manager, in five years.

After his departure to start a business consultancy, Mr. Kirkpatrick was immediately re-hired as a business consultant by management. He has since been working with our company regularly in this capacity. During this period he has successfully negotiated several contracts for the firm. He has shown himself to be particularly able to deal with very sensitive clients and difficult business situations.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Kirkpatrick for any business management or consultancy role.



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