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Business promotional material product information letter

Product information requirements are very variable in any market. In many cases, detailed product information must be supplied to meet customer needs.

Depending on the variable needs of the client isn't really a good way of communicating effectively. It's usually better to have detailed product info prepared in advance, a sort of One Size Fits All approach.

(The other advantage of this method is that you know what information is being supplied, as distinct from piecemeal use of materials.)

The most efficient method of providing a good level of product info is to combine electronic and hardcopy references.

It's pretty simple to give a cheap but effective supply of information to your customers. A cover letter and basic enclosures can be sufficient, and a personalized sales letter engages the customer.



Your reference
Our reference


Request for product information about ZoomPlusMax

I refer to your recent inquiries concerning our new Digital Video Camera, the ZoomPlusMax.

We've put together an info package which should give you a good overview of this exciting new camera.

Enclosed please find:

  • A DVD promotional and tutorial video.
  • Product specifications for the new model ZoomPlusMax 2 due for release in store in July this year, as requested.

Additional materials:

Please check out the ZoomPlusMax Fans site, www.zoomplusmaxfanzone.com , which contains some spectacular examples of the fabulous suite of applications ZoomPlusMax has pioneered, including the famous animation software.

I hope this information gives you what you need. If you have any further queries, or need updates on the new camera, please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely



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