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Business internal correspondence: Staff training

If you're an employer, you'll already know how important staff training is, and how vital keeping complete records of related correspondence can become.

The risk of creating a lot of admin work is very real, and very unproductive. Duplication of materials is expensive, and not very efficient.

The simplest way to handle the training correspondence is to create a One Size Fits All system:

Staff are advised of training requirements and opportunities on a standard format letter, usually a macro.

A file is created to track issue of information, and records to whom it was issued, and when.

A standard record is created of training for each staff member, also a macro. This record is attached to the personnel file.

There are in effect only two basic documents.


Letter to staff regarding training opportunities:

File reference: HR ST 001

Customer Service Training Workshop, 27th - 31st July, 2010

Staff are advised that a customer service workshop will be conducted on the above dates. Staff are requested to indicate their interest in participation in the workshop no later than 14th July 2010.

Please contact (HR training contact, full name and phone number) if you have any questions about this training opportunity.


Example of training record on file:

Customer Service Training Workshop, 27th - 31st July, 2010


A Jones
F Bloggs
J Smith
T White
K Brown

Completed workshop satisfactorily:

A Jones
F Bloggs
J Smith
T White
K Brown

Signed (Training Officer)

Note: Certification of training is sometimes required for the purposes of accreditation of business qualifications.


Please note:

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