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Business internal correspondence: Memos to staff

These memos are actually part of your business records. Memos are sometimes considered to be just notes, but they're not, really.

Most memos contain instructions, replies to other memos, etc, and if you're not careful you can start a library of unrecorded internal correspondence.

That can cause problems, if nobody can keep track of what was sent to whom.

It doesn't sound or look good if you sent a memo to someone about something, and nobody remembers what it actually said.

Record keeping for memos

Memos are usually put on the files of their subject matter, in date order.

This saves a lot of confusion, and anyone else looking at the memos can see what was happening at the time, and what information was involved.

Standardized memos

The big advantage of standardizing correspondence is that everybody knows how to handle it. That applies just as much to memos as anything else, and it makes filing easier.

If you're using hard copy, standard stationery sizes are preferable. Notes, post it notes, and things written on the back of other things are not good practice, just universal.

You can adapt a macro quite easily, and it means you don't have to be using different stationery. Use an A4 size, preferably with a letter head, so people know it's important.

Just put a heading on the address text, saying Memo in bold type.

Keep the references from your normal correspondence, they need to be on the memo, for proper record keeping.

Then add two lines where the first line of a letter would be, followed by the subject heading:




After this comes the body text.



Reference: F2314/2009

From: John Smith

To: Joan Smith

Subject: Alpha Systems request for revised quote on system upgrade

Verbal advice from Alpha Systems management indicates they need a complete new quote for their upgrade by 21 January 2009.

Alpha Systems will be sending us new information by email today, regarding specifications for their servers, which will now include standard Linux and Apple capabilities, not just Windows as previously advised. The intention is that they will run a full suite of server capabilities.

This information will be forwarded to you directly this afternoon by Alpha Systems IT manager.

Please cease work on other projects and have this new quote drafted by 16 January, so we can consult with Alpha in advance, and review and redraft if required.



Please note:

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