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Business internal correspondence letter re employee suggestion

Good businesses listen to their employees. Most of the major companies have an Employee Suggestion Program. Some of these include financial incentives.


Employee Suggestion Programs and any incentives are discretionary on the part of the employer.

Incentive schemes are formal commitments in accordance with the terms of the scheme. Employers are obliged to honor their incentive programs.

Failure to do so may be actionable.

When accepting suggestions, it is necessary to show that you're living up to your commitments under the Employee Suggestion Program.

Any correspondence, therefore, has to be done accordingly.

The example below relates to an administrative suggestion which is considered to be likely to result in major savings to the firm. A financial benefit is payable under this Employee Suggestion Program.

Internal correspondence letterhead

Our reference


Employee Suggestion Program

Your recent suggestions concerning administrative practices in the accountancy section have been considered by management.

I'm pleased to inform you that your suggestions have been approved for implementation.

Your very detailed and costed contributions are very much appreciated, and it's anticipated they will result in significant savings to the company.

In accordance with the commitments made by the company under the Employee Suggestion Program payment of your financial incentive bonus of $50,000.00 has been authorized.

This amount will be paid either by cheque or direct deposit according to your preference. Please contact (insert name and phone number) to arrange payment.

On behalf of management, our thanks for your excellent work,

Yours sincerely



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