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Example of Swot Matrix

The SWOT matrix (also known as the TOWS matrix, reversing the words) is a chart based on Strengths and Weaknesses relative to Opportunities and Threats. The analysis uses Strength- Opportunities (S-O) developing good options related to the strengths, Weaknesses- Opportunities (W-O) strategies for removing weaknesses to develop opportunities Strengths- Threats (S-T) Using strengths to overcome threats, and Weaknesses- Threats (W-T) relationships to identify the relationships between elements and the potential issues.

Examples of Swot Matrix:

Strengths- Opportunities: Unique product, good potential market
Strengths- Threats: Brand identity marketing reduces competition
Weaknesses- Threats: Risk of theft of designs, lack of trademark registration
Weaknesses- Opportunities: Registration of trademarks removes threat