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Example of SMART Objectives

SMART objectives, as distinct from SMART goals, are derived from using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results, Time) formula in their assessment, rather than operational modes.

Specific- This is intended to find and define the objective and the rationale behind it, may include a feasibility study.

Measurable- The objective's definition requires measures of success or failure

Achievable- Realistic, within believable scope

Results- Unlike SMART goals, results are derived from the criteria to set guidelines for continuation or cessation of the operation

Time- Time in SMART objectives is generally linked to a business plan or another oversighting mechanism like a project review

Examples of SMART Objectives:

SMART objectives tend to be strategic, rather than tactical. A typical SMART objective would be:

Increase market share by 20%
Increase Google page rankings using targeted SEO