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Example of SMART Goals

The acronym SMART- (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results, Time) is a description of planning structures and methods. SMART plans are used as both conceptual and operational plans to review achievements and monitor success or failure.

Specific-The goal is quantified and identified in detail. A goal may be to make a million dollars

Achievable-The goal's feasibility is assessed in terms of difficulty

Results-The progress of the project is measured against criteria

Time-A time frame is created for the goal and used to define issues.

Examples of SMART Goals:

This SMART plan has already succeeded according to its own criteria:

Specific- Make a million dollars

Measurable- Use receipts to measure progress

Achievable- Requires sales of a million units at $1 profit after tax

Results- Sold 500,000 units in first month at $2 profit after tax

Time- One year.