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Example of Registered Nurse Job Description

Registered Nurses within our hospital play an essential part in offering care to our patients. Registered nurses assist doctors in patient care and often teach our patients about the injury or illnesses affecting them and the treatment we are providing. They are also responsible for assisting patients with rehabilitation and offering emotional support to both patients and families.

Job Duties

  • Give proper dosage of medicine to patients that has been prescribed by their doctors
  • Maintain accurate records of all patient symptoms and progress
  • May be required to work as Lead Nurse, responsible for the management of nurses for that shift and overall patient care
  • Conduct physical examinations or perform other medical tests or procedures as directed by doctors
  • Offer assistance in physical examinations with doctors, offer advice in providing diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • May be required to participate in training programs for specialized medical care

Special Skills

  • Compassion towards others
  • Good Communication skills
  • Highly organized, excellent time management skills
  • Team leadership skills, ability to work in high stress environment

Education Requirements

  • High School Education or Equivalent
  • Nursing Diploma or Certificate
  • Specialized training may be required