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Example of Offer of Employment

An offer of employment has status as a formal legal situation under employment law. The offer is made after selection of a successful applicant from job interviews, in a merit-based system. The employer provides a written offer, which describe the position, and usually refers to the salary payable and may refer to other conditions of employment.

Examples of Offer of Employment:

Dear ......

I'm pleased to inform you that your application for the position of ........... has been successful. You are hereby offered this position, with the projected first day of duty being 1 July, 2011. I confirm previous advice that the starting salary for this position is $200,000, and includes day care, free parking and 6 weeks paid annual leave per year.

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer of employment at your earliest convenience. If you wish to commence duty on another date, please so advise.

Yours sincerely,