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Example of Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a formal systematic process of developing the marketing strategy and methods for a product.

This process includes:

  • Studying the market environment
  • Market research
  • Market segmentation
  • Product design (includes any statutory requirements for the product)
  • Marketing mix including:
    • Product pricing
    • Product placement
    • Product positioning
    • Product promotion
  • Production
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Financial costing
  • Profit analysis
  • Distribution analysis
  • Sales monitoring
  • Review process

The object of the plan is to provide a comprehensive methodology for profitable product sales across a market. This is in effect a business plan for a product. Major products are marketed by this method to reduce risk and to provide a thorough analysis of market issues before commitment to an expensive production process.

Examples of Marketing Plan: