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Example of Logos

Logos are 'icons' used in advertising and mass media marketing promotions. They're generally stylized versions of common shapes, or 'sign language' using pictograph like, obvious images related to product functions, names, services, or product identities. The logos act as symbols, and are sometimes culturally adopted as synonyms for the product. Logos have been known throughout history, but became universal in the 20th century advertising forms.

Examples of Logos:

Napoleon Bonaparte used an 'N' logo to represent himself.
Coca Cola's stylized name is the most famous modern logo.
The 'Golden Arches' of the McDonald's name is the most easily recognized logo in the world.

Image Example of Logos:

Three famous logos: an abstract mark (Chase bank by chermayeff & geismar), a logotype (IBM by Paul Rand), and a pictorial mark (Girl scouts of the USA by Saul Bass).