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Examples :: Business :: Examples of Key Strengths for Customer Service Worker

Example of Key Strengths for Customer Service Worker

Focused on satisfying the customer and solving customer issues - excellent listening and mediating skills, high attention to detail and able to explain complicated solutions to customers over telephone or email.

Excellent teamwork and group collaboration skills - willingness to speak up and voice ideas and opinions when asked, share new ideas or processes with management and other related team members.

Easily adapted to change - very quick learner can learn new software and company policies quickly and teach them to others when required.

Interpersonal skills - Able to work comfortably with all levels within a company from upper management to training new employees.

Strong Communication skills - easy to understand when explaining new processes and techniques to others, also able to listen to new ideas and try alternative solutions

Key Strengths for Management or Leadership job role

High organized and structured mindset - Excellent schedule keeping skills and very highly organized individual.

Strong leadership and team building skills - excellent team leader, able to maintain an established team or build a team from the ground up. Can make decisions quickly and logically, taking action immediately when necessary. Willing to lead by example and do any job necessary to accomplish a task.

Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution - Excellent mediator skills and problem resolution skills. Can quickly analyze a situation and offer a potential solution. Work quickly to resolve problems between employees, customers or other adverse situations.

Motivational Leadership skills - Able to self-manage and self-motivate as well as motivate the people around me. Strive to create a positive work environment that motivates employees to work hard as a team.

Strong Professional Work Ethic - Dedicated employee will take on problems independently and strive to do the job right the first time producing quality work.