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Example of Job Description

A job description is a disclosure of the duties and responsibilities of an advertised position. The job description usually includes specific descriptions of essential and desired skills, and may or may not include optional skills. Employers are required to provide a description of the job which is accurate and provides applicants with sufficient information to determine whether they can apply for the job. (For instance, if qualifications are required, that fact must be disclosed to applicants.) Failure to make an accurate disclosure may be grounds for action under labor laws.

Examples of Job Description:

Customer service officer/ supervisor.

We're looking for an accomplished sales person for our retail outlet in Wherever. The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate superior skills and experience in retail sales and business management.

Essential skills: Prior customer service experience in a retail environment, good communications and sales skills, supervisory experience.
Desirable skills: Qualifications or training in small business management, consumer law, and electrical goods knowledge.