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Example of Informative Speech

An informative speech is a declamation in which a person provides much data or facts. This is not a common expression, but an association of words. In common usage, an 'informative speech' as an expression could be a sarcastic reference, or suggest that the person gave away information intentionally or otherwise for some reason.

Specific purpose: To inform my audience on how to design a beginner's website.

I. Introduction

  1. Attention Material: What comes to mind when you look at a website? Websites provide information, entertainment, news and more. Basic website design has only become easier as more people have learned the skills required to design a page. There are an unlimited number of resources available to teach even the most computer illiterate person the basic skills needed to design a simple website designed to share news and photos with family and friends.
  2. Tie to the audience: We have all looked at a blog or website wishing we could create something similar to share our own thoughts and ideas with the world. Everyday cooks, moms, dads can design simple blogs using Wordpress or similar web design software to share a small part of their life with the world wide web. Creating a small website is an excellent way to keep in touch with family and friends.
  3. Credibility material: I have been designing websites for myself and family members for over 10 years. While I have learned many techniques over time, the basic principles of simple website design have not changed. I have taught basic web design to close family and friends and would like to take the opportunity to share what I''ve learned with you.
  4. Preview: I will explain the basics of designing a simple home page, and subpages for that homepage. I will explain clearly how to create basic links and images within a webpage.

Examples of Informative Speech:

It was an informative speech, if you were interested in ancient plumbing techniques. That was a very informative speech you gave at the meeting. When did it occur to you to provide total strangers with a lot of private information about board members?