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Examples of Human Resource Objectives

Objective: Assist employees with career advancement by coordinating meetings with management teams and by recommending proper avenues of advancement to potential employees. Human Resources will schedule 30 minute meetings with all 150 employees over the course of 3 months. All employees will have an equal chance of speaking with human resources about potential career advancement.


  • Specific - Explains clearly what the Human Resources staff will do (assist with career advancement for all employees)
  • Measurable - Clearly states how long the meetings will be and how long the process will take (30 minute meetings over the course of 3 months)
  • Achievable - Human resource staff has the necessary contacts with management and the resources to assist employees with advancement if they show the necessary skills for advancement
  • Relevant - links with company's goal of employee satisfaction and advancement
  • Timely - indicates that the meetings will be 30 minutes in length and will be completed over the course of 3 months.

Objective: Negotiate an increase in employee health benefits package to include dental and vision plans for contracted employees. This increase will add $5000 in yearly benefits for contracted employees by supplementing current benefits with dental and vision plans. This change will be optional to all employees and will increase insurance costs to employees by $50 a month and increase company costs by $7500 a month maximum (assuming all 150 employees sign up). This increase is expected to take place at the start of the next quarter.


  • Specific - Explains clearly what the human resource staff will try to achieve (increase employee benefit packages for contracted employees)
  • Measurable - Clearly states the cost to the company, cost to the employees, and savings benefits for employees
  • Achievable - Human resource staff has the contacts to negotiate rates with insurance companies and present this information to management staff
  • Relevant - links with the company's goals to save money by hiring contracted employees and provide them with adequate employee benefits
  • Timely - indicates when the insurance increase is planned to take effect.