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Examples of Good Customer Service

Good customer service is based on more than providing full and appropriate service. 'Good' customer service adds value to the service being provided. This is actually a working business principle:

Good customer service:

  • Attracts and retains customers
  • Maintains very good client relationships
  • Ensures high quality business performance
  • Reduces the incidence of complaints
  • Provides good quality interactions with clients
  • Improves the reputation of the business

Each of these functions affects the business positively:

  1. Attracting and retaining clients, obviously, is good business.
  2. Good client relationships are primary functions of commercial business, and are actually a formal business function, Client Relationship Management, or CRM.
  3. The business performance is therefore upgraded.
  4. Complaint reduction drastically improves business efficiency.
  5. Good interaction with clients is in the interests of the business, ensuring access to feedback and making sure management and staff are aware of customer issues.
  6. Business reputations create more business, particularly in sales and high volume consumer related service businesses.

Examples of good customer service

Situation 1: A customer has a complaint about a purchase. The goods are obviously defective.

Good customer service: The staff member assesses the complaint, and offers a refund on the spot, with a complementary gift certificate. The staff member then notes the basis of the complaint on the CRM data input and the action taken.

Action taken: The CRM manager checks stocks of the defective goods, and refers the matter to the supplier, saving the business a lot of money and time.

As you can see, this is a holistic process. The customer service element has been responsible for both dealing with the customer issues and identifying a possible problem for the business.

Situation 2: A client rings and wishes to alter an order, after it's been placed and is in transit.

Good customer service: The staff member notes the client's requirements, assesses the cost and provides a figure over the phone. The customer is told to simply return the unwanted goods to the Reply Paid address.

Action taken: The customer, encouraged by the service, adds to the new order, increasing the sale value.

Good customer service always works in favor of both the customer and the business. This particular customer is clearly happy with the opportunity to buy more products, and the 'bureaucratic' approach to customers, which is the main cause of customer complaints and dissatisfaction never occurs.

Good customer service is based on meeting customer needs while also working in the interests of the business.

Image Example of Luxury Goods:

Storekeeper Seaman William Selmon helps customers with purchases in the ship stor.e

Postal clerk 3rd class Geraldine Hood from shreveport weighs a box for a customer in the post office.