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Example of Press Release

A press release is comprised of information on the behalf of a party to provide information to media. This is essentially a self-generated document designed to provide selective information for public consumption. Press releases may contain information regarding the current issue, a new product or service, or addressing issues currently in the media.

A typical press release is no more than a single page. Press releases are sent to media news outlets, or sometimes distributed online on services like PR Newswire for broad distribution through RSS feeds. This is a particularly efficient way of distributing information, but press releases should also be targeted to specific relevant news sources like industry media for best effect.

Press release structure can vary considerably, but the basic elements are:

  • Header - Defines the subject matter
  • Intro text - Information outlining the news element of the press release.
  • Body text - Detailed information as required regarding the news. This takes commonly includes prepared statements by the issuing party, like a company chairman or other senior person.
  • Media contacts - Usually the press officer or delegated officer of the party issuing a press release. (Note - Press release layout must be kept very simple and easy to read. Use normal size fonts, and try to avoid a word count over 400.)

Press releases are essentially written in the same way as a news article. When received, news media evaluate the information, and decide whether or not to run the story. In most cases news media will also include additional information regarding the subject matter to provide a balanced view of the news and issues. In many cases, press releases are written to provide market information as well as simply provide basic news.

Example of a press release

ABC Inc offers new share issue to raise venture capital

ABC Inc announced today that it would be offering a new issue of shares on a one-for-one basis at a premium cost of $2 per share to raise capital for its new chain store franchise. The new capital raising is intended to provide shareholders with an opportunity to benefit from the expanding operations of the company. Rights to buy the new shares will also be traded on the market.

ABC Inc chairman John Smith states that 'The company expects the new rights issue will trade at a premium well above the offer price. Shareholders are advised to consider both trading options and expanding their holding positions to take advantage of anticipated higher new dividends projected for next year.'

The capital raising is expected to raise $2 billion and 250 new chain stores across the east coast in major cities. ABC Inc has previously flagged the intention to expand its operations on the east coast in a White Paper released to the market last year. The capital raising is described by ABC Inc as funding a systematic development of business opportunities within the franchise market.

ABC Inc is looking for experienced operators within the market, and will be offering franchise deals at a premium price of $10 million. ABC describes the capital raising is '50 percent revenue-positive', covering all aspects of creation of the new franchises, including outlet construction, legal costs and stock.

Media officer

Sam Jones
Phone 123456 - 789012
E-mail sjones@abcinc.com