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Example of Idyll

The idyll is a classical age concept, derived from the ancient Graeco-Roman concept of bucolic peace. The concept has expanded into the idea of a pleasant tale, the equivalent of a rural scene in a painting, with the implied values and virtues of the setting. The word 'idyllic' has a wide range of positive meanings, including peaceful, tranquil, charming, innocent, and often idealized.

  1. An idyll is a carefree rustic poem or narrative prose, in a romantic or pastoral setting.
  2. A heroic, epic narrative poem, the most frequently referred to being Tennyson's Idylls of the King, a series of tales of King Arthur.

Examples of Idyll:


Image Example of Idyll:

Merlin advising King Arthur in Gustave Dore's illustration.

The lady of the lake taking the infant Lancelot, in the idylls of the king.