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Example of Icons

The word 'icon' has evolved to have a range of meanings which are often specific, but overlap in common usage.:

  • Icons as a common usage expression relate to commonly recognized symbols with specific meanings.
  • Icons as cultural usage in media refer to 'iconic' people, usually established symbols of their genre of art.
  • Icons in religion have specific meanings related to religious entities or events.
  • Icons in an art form are often symbolic of broader meanings and contexts.

Examples of Icons:

The $ symbol is also an icon for materialism, greed, etc.
An old rock star may be referred to as 'iconic', dead or alive.
Religious icons are always based on traditional representations.
Icons in the arts are often contextual moves of icons into other frames of reference.

Image Example of Iconography:

Russian icon of holy trinity.

17th century Russian icon of Saint Mary of Egypt, with scenes from her life.