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Example of Unbalanced Force

Unbalanced force is a principle used to express unequal application of force in a given situation. In contrast to 'balanced force', in which both forces are equal, in the case of unbalanced force opposing forces as applied are by definition unequal producing a ratio relative forces which defines the physical situation.the effect of the combined force of unbalanced forces is equal to the difference between the two or more forces and resolved mathematically in favour of the motive power of the larger force.

Examples of Unbalanced Force:

An egg traveling at 10 km an houris thrown at a truck traveling at 150 km an hour. Obviously, the mass of the track and the mass of the egg, as well is the velocity at considerably different and very much in favour of the truck. It is possible using the principles of unbalanced force to measure the exact effect of the impact of the egg on the truck.

Image Example of Unbalanced Force:

Shows some common unbalanced and balanced forces and their reactions.