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Example of Phenotype

From the Greek 'pheno', meaning 'display'. The usage of the word phenotype is a very broad conceptual term, referring to observed traits and characteristics of organisms based on physical characteristics including biological processes, biophysics, structure(s) and behaviors. The word is more efficient grammatically, creating a term covering the descriptors than as categorization in practical forms, describing these very variable subjects. Phenotypes refer to an array of heterogeneous forms of data, across a wide spectrum of materials, rather than a specific class of information.

Examples of Phenotypes:

Behavioral adaptions in animals
Eye color
Comparative morphologies in subspecies
Carapace characteristics in insects
Metabolic processes
Image Example of Phenotype:

Biston betularia morpha typica, the standard light-coloured Peppered Moth.

Biston betularia morpha carbonaria, the melanic Peppered Moth, illustrating discontinuous variation.