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Example of Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience is a modern term used to describe bogus scientific information or points of view. It's used as an extreme denigration of arguments claiming to be based on science or research. The expression is often used as a reference to faddish interest in dubious claims of scientific or therapeutic breakthroughs. Some critics believe the term is too widely and incorrectly used as an attack on a subject without proper consideration

Examples of Pseudoscience:

Megadoses of Vitamin C: Now proven to be quite useless for medical purposes.
Lie detectors: Long proven to be unreliable and not admitted as court evidence for that reason.

Image Example of Pseudoscience:

A typical 19th century phrenology chart. In the 1820s, phrenologists claimed that the mind was located in areas of the brain, and were attacked for doubting that mind came from the non-material soul. Their idea of reading 'bumps' in the skull to predict personality traits was later discredited. Phrenology was first called a pseudoscience in 1843 and continues to be widely considered pseudoscience.