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Example of Solution

Chemistry: A solution is a mixture of dissolved materials in a liquid.
Common usage: A solution is the answer to a problem, conceptual or literal.
The word solution is a noun which relates to the word 'soluble' and is therefore idiomatically related to the chemical usage. It describes the result of a process. A problem is said to be 'soluble', for example. Usage can be highly idiomatic, related to the subject matter.

Examples of Solution:

A mix of dissolved salt and water is a saline solution.
Do you have a solution to this situation, or more guesses?
That's a solution to what, exactly?

Image Example of Solution:

Making a saline water solution by dissolving table salt (NaCl) in water.

Crystal structure of sodium chloride (table salt).

Hydrogen fluoride as a molecular dipole. Red represents partially negatively charged areas.

Model of hydrogen bonds between molecules of water