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Example of Radiation

Physics: The term radiation refers to the process of release of electromagnetic energies in the form of radiant energy.
Common usage: Radiation, unless qualified by context, refers to any process of spreading out from a source.
Slang: Refers to someone giving off an aura of expression or emotion.
Mathematical usage: Geometry: lines in radiation from a point.

Examples of Radiation:

Physics: Infra red radiation is in the form of long electromagnetic waves.
Common usage: The effects of the bank failure have radiated through the business community.
Slang: She was radiating hostility to the other girl.
Mathematical usage: All these lines radiate from one central point.

Image Example of Radiation:

Strong ionizing radiation

Infrared Radiation,Heat shows as red in this picture.

This figure illustrates the relative abilities of three different types of ionizing radiation to penetrate solid matter.

Radiation therapy machine

Radiation sickness