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Example of Physical Weathering

The term relates to a range of effects of climate, heat and other factors on a material or object. In common usage, it relates to subjects as a causative descriptor. Usage relates to a range of effects of weather on the subjects. In geology, the term refers to climate and related natural effects on rocks, breaking down rock formations either chemically or through wind and wave action.

Common usage: The years of physical weathering by sea spray demolished the old house.
Geological usage: Physical weathering by sea salts and wave action dissolved the exposed rock formation, creating an arch of limestone.

Examples of Physical Weathering:


Images of Physical Weathering

The surface pattern on this pedestal rock is honeycomb weathering, caused by salt crystallisation. This example is at Yehliu, Taiwan

Salt weathering of building stone on the island of Gozo, Malta

A freshly broken rock shows differential chemical weathering (probably mostly oxidation) progressing inward. This piece of sandstone was found in glacial drift near Angelica, New York