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Example of Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet is the light spectrum just outside human visual range, the 'violet' spectra above white. The name means 'beyond violet'. UV waves are shorter than those of visible light, ranging from 10nm to 400nm. (The next class of frequencies are X rays) Energies range from 3eV to 124eV. Some insects and animals can see in this range. Bees use it to locate flowers. The UV frequencies are the ones that cause sunburn. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun reacts with oxygen to form ozone.

Examples of Ultraviolet:

'Black light' is based on long wave UV
Ultraviolet lasers used in medicine, engraving and optical storage.

Image Example of Ultraviolet :

False-color image of the sun's corona as seen in deep ultraviolet by the extreme ultraviolet imaging telescope.

A low pressure mercury vapor discharge tube floods the inside of a hood with shortwave UV light when not in use, sterilizing microbiological contaminants from irradiated surfaces.