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Example of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is defined as sound waves above 20 khz. Bats, whales and other animals often use these sound wave ranges for echo location. These sound waves are used as 'sound radar', recording and interpreting reflected sound to analyze tissues in medical sonography, and to conduct non-invasive scans of the body. The results of the scans are translated into images for analysis. Ultrasound is considered a safe alternative to X rays, and other forms of radiation based scans. It's also a cheaper alternative form of medical imaging, requiring less power and infrastructure than MRI scans.

Examples of Ultrasound:

Ultrasound images of fetuses
Echo location by dolphins

Image Example of Ultrasound:

A fetus in its mother's womb, viewed in a sonogram (brightness scan).

Sonogram of a fetus at 14 weeks (profile).