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Example of Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing is an idealized conceptual state whereby computational capacity is built into everything, affecting life even on a subconscious level.. The idea is based on an integrated network of capacity within the functions of daily life. The general concept dates from the 1990s, and has been subsequently developed across a range of enthusiastic, if not particularly practical in all cases themes. The concept of ubiquitous computing is now pretty much the standard design conceptualization format, a sort of "holy grail" in the computer design industry.

Examples of Ubiquitous Computing:

Wearable personal computer and portable devices
'Clays' - Micro electrical and mechanical functions built into various forms
'Skins' - Similar to 'Clays', built into fabrics and surfaces.

Image Example of Ubiquitous Computing:

RFID tags used in libraries: square book tag, round CD/DVD tag and rectangular vhs tag.

Many different pad layouts can be found on a contact smart card.