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Example of Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a process in which different organisms provide mutual support for each other, often involving a shared environment. In common usage the word may be used literally, referring to a biological process, or metaphorically, referring to a relationship between subjects. The common context of the usage in both cases refers to symbiotic mutualism, in which organisms derive mutual advantages from the relationship.

Examples of Symbiosis:

Algae live symbiotically within reef corals, and their photosynthesis helps provide energy to the corals.
It's a good symbiotic business relationship: We do the manufacturing, they sell it.
Satiric: Voters and politicians- the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Image Example of Symbiosis:

Clownfish amid sea anemone tentacles.

Alder tree root nodule.

Hermit crab, calcinus laevimanus, with sea anemone.

Leafhoppers protected by an army of meat ants.