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Example of Suspension

Chemistry: Solution of materials in a liquid
Common usage: Stoppage of a process or situation
Sport: Cessation of player's right to play
Engineering: A form of bridge or other support where by the structure is suspended from cables on a structure attached to foundations.

The diverse meanings all stem from the state of being suspended in some form. Idiomatically, the common usage form implies a temporary situation.

Examples of Suspension:

This is micronized iron as a suspension in water.
There will be a general suspension of all bus services on Tuesday.
Smith's suspension from playing football was caused by his inability to find the right playing field.

Image Example of Suspension:

The front suspension components of a Ford Model T.

Flour suspended in water (appears light blue because blue light is scattered off the flour particles to a greater extent than red light)

Suspension of a circle. The original space is in blue, and the collapsed end points are in green.

A full suspension Mountain Bike.