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Example of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is also known as formwork. This is a structure which is placed around a building site or in some cases a sculpture, used as a working platform as well as a support for the construction process. Types of scaffolding vary from the familiar tube steel scaffolding used on building sites to the stronger versions used as working platforms on skyscrapers. Scaffolding construction is also part of the OHS regime, with requirements for creation of safe working environments part of the construction schematic.

Examples of Scaffolding:

Scaffolds are comprised of three basic elements:

Standards: Uprights
Ledgers: Horizontals
Transoms: Supports for ledgers and boards used as workspace.

Image Example of Scaffolding:

Bamboo scaffolding can reach great heights.

Scaffolding, 10 months after Tokyo sky tree construction start.i.