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Example of RNA Virus

RNA viruses are very common. An RNA virus (also known as ribovirus) uses RNA, rather than DNA, for its genetic material. RNA viruses have comparatively high mutation rates. These viruses can be either single or double strands of RNA. The RNA viruses make up four of the six classes of viruses. Many authorities consider retroviruses to be RNA viruses, but this is disputed, where other sources cite that this class of virus may also use DNA replication. Many RNA viruses are highly infectious, including pandemic transgenic species.

Examples of RNA Virus:

Influenza strains
Hepatitis C
Rotaviruses (pediatric infection gastrointestinal viruses)
Bird flu

Image Example of RNA Virus:

Electron microscopy of hepatitis C virus.

TEM of negatively stained influenza virions, magnified approximately 100,000 times.