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Example of RFID

RFID or Radio-frequency identification is the use of a small device or object (typically called an RFID tag) that emits a radio signal that is readable by a scanner or other detecting device. This radio signal is used to track the location of products, animals, vehicles, or even people.

Examples of RIFD Uses:

RFID tracking has become prevalent in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to track objects used during surgery and other inventory.

RFID tags have been used to track farm animals and other live stock.

As of January 2005, Wal-Mart has required of its top 100 suppliers to use RFID labels on all shipments.

Several casinos have used RFID tags to track chips. In 2010 the Bellagio casino was able to recover$11.5 million in stolen chips. These chips were implanted with RFID tags which were immediately invalidated making the cash values of the chips $0.


Image Example of a RFID:

An RFID tag used for electronic toll collection.