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Example of Protein

Proteins are large organic molecules comprised of amino acid chains in various specific combinations. Proteins in various forms are the primary elements of complex organic forms of life. Different types and classes of protein configurations perform specific organic structural and regulatory functions in microbes, viruses, plants and animals. Protein is a source of nutrition providing energy and amino acids for animals and genetic materials for viruses.

Examples of Protein:

Albumin is the protein contained in the white of an egg.
Cheese contains processed milk proteins.
Soy provides high levels of vegetable protein.
Hormones are special forms of protein with biological regulatory functions

Image Example of Protein:

A representation of the 3D structure of myoglobin showing coloured alpha helices. This protein was the first to have its structure solved by x-ray crystallography.

Proteins in different cellular compartments and structures tagged with green fluorescent protein (here, white).