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Example of Pneumatics

Pneumatics is the use of gases like compressed air to operate mechanical systems. The pneumatic methods are particularly energy efficient and long lasting, requiring very little maintenance. Pneumatic systems have only three basic components: the air cylinder, vane motor and sprayer. This is a form of kinetic energy, where the power of the gases is able to drive motors and cause accurate movement of mechanical components. The energy in a pneumatic system can supply significant force, sufficient to perform these tasks reliably over long periods.

Examples of Pneumatics:

Any systems using pneumatic power are described as a pneumatic type of system.

Air brakes
Vacuum pumps
Forging presses
Rock drills
Pavement breakers
Paint sprayers

Image Example of Pneumatics:

A light switch, with explanations.

The Victor tatin airplane of 1879 used a compressed-air engine for propulsion.