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Example of Natural Resources

Natural resources are broadly defined as any naturally occurring source of materials in relation to a region or nation. Typically the natural resources of these areas are minerals, stone, wood, oil, gems, precious metals, industrial materials, maritime resources, or other items of economic value. The term is usually a very broad descriptor, unless the usage relates directly to a topic under discussion. Natural resources may also refer to infrastructural resources like water, power generation, or environmental habitats like wetlands, but in these cases the usage is normally qualified by a direct reference to the context of the subject.

Examples of Natural Resources:

Saudi Arabian oil
Australian minerals
Global resources in an economic context
Fishing grounds
Renewable resources

Image Example of Natural Resources:

Rainforest on fatu-hiva, marquesas islands is an example of an undisturbed natural resource.

The Upsala glacier in the santa cruz province of argentina is an example of a natural resource.