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Example of Luminescence

A luminescent light is light not caused by radiation, or thermal sources. The glow of phosphorous is the best known form of luminescence. This glow is caused by a chemical source. This definition of this type of luminous property extends also to the non-visible light frequencies. Luminous substances are often used for novelty purposes, and night time illumination for equipment.

Examples of Luminescence:

There are several different types of luminescence, including:

Bio luminescence caused by living organisms like fireflies and some forms of algae and plankton.
Luminescence caused by reflecting radiation, like phosphorescence, fluorescence, radio luminescence, photo luminescence.
Luminescence caused by chemical actions like crystalloluminescence, triboluminescence, electrochemoluminescence.

Image Example of Luminescence:

Luminol and hemoglobin, an example of chemoluminescence.