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Example of Kilogram

A kilogram is a formal measure of weight. It was developed in France in 1795 as a result of the creation of the gram, which was based on the measurement of a volume of water being 100th of a cubic metre at the temperature of melting ice. The modern measurement was created in 1889 and is based on a standard called the International Prototype Kilogram, based on one basic unit and six copies. The kilogram progressively became a standard international measurement everywhere but the United States, which has retained the anachronistic Imperial scale (ounces and pounds), resulting in expensive, time consuming conversion processes.

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A computer image of the international prototype kilogram. It is the kilogram. It sits next to an inch-based ruler for scale. Like the other prototypes, the edges of the IPK have a four-angle chamfer to minimize wear (although only three can be seen in this image).

The magnitude of many of the units comprising the SI system of measurement, including most of those used in the measurement of electricity and light, are highly dependent upon the stability of a 131-year-old, golf ball-size cylinder of metal stored in a vault in france.