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Example of Ion

An ion is an atom or group of atoms with an unequal number of protons and electrons, meaning the atom(s) become positively or negatively charged. Ions are a common part of chemical and atomic processes, providing bonding and interactions to form compounds as positive and negative forces interact. Various types of ions exist for all elements, affecting their natural properties.the generic term ion covers both types of ion. A negatively charged ion, having more electrons than protons is called anion.
A positively charged ion having more protons than electrons is called a cation. The term 'ion' is generic, covering all forms of ion.

Examples of Ion:

These are some of the essential ions humans require for their daily lives:

Sodium chloride (salt)
Magnesium phosphate
Calcium phosphate
Sodium sulphate

Image Example of Ion:

An electrostatic potential map of the nitrate ion. Areas coloured red are lower in energy than areas colored yellow.