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Example of Ice Erosion

Ice erosion occurs in several forms: Glacial, melt, ice movement, and thermal.Glacial erosion is the best known form of ice erosion, in which glaciers crush and shift large amounts of soil, their weight undercutting soil structures and also creating a range of vertical sides to the areas which they pass, which in turn erode through gravity and landslides. Ice melt causes the formation of solutions of materials which wash away, eroding soil and rock. Ice movement is abrasive on other surfaces, creating weak points, a mini glacial action. Thermal erosion is caused by expansion and contraction of soils and rocks affected by ice.

Examples of Ice Erosion:

The centre of Greenland includes an enormous trough carved out by ice erosion.
The frozen edges of the old mountain road were showing signs of previous ice related erosion.


Image Example of Ice Erosion:

Aerial photograph over glen clova and loch brandy. Glacial erosion galore; corrie basins and a U-shaped valley.