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Example of Ice Breakers

Noun: An icebreaker is a specially designed ship designed to penetrate polar sea ice. Ice breakers are important vessels in polar regions to create access from the open sea for other vessels to polar ports and in some cases scientific bases.
Common usage: An action or statement intended to reduce social tension, 'breaking the ice' with another party. The expression dates from approximately the 1940s, and has gone into the global language as a general metaphor for dealing with a social situation, either with strangers or to defuse an awkward meeting.

Examples of Ice Breakers:

The icebreaker bravely battered its way through the unseasonal sea ice, worrying the onlookers on shore.
We had a sort of 'Getting to know you' session at the start of the meeting as an icebreaker.

Image Example of Ice to Water Vapor:

An icebreaker in the ross sea.

German icebreaker polarstern.