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Example of Hinge Joint

A hinge joint is a joint which is able to move one way, like a door hinge. Body joints like knees, wrists and elbows have this capability. This is known as 'angular movement', the extent of which is based on the structure of the joint. Some body joints allow a large amount of angular movement like elbows, others like knees are more restricted in their expression and flexibility. The anatomical functions of these joints reflect their roles in movement and articulation of primary actions. In most animals, joint structure is a defining element of locomotion and behaviors.

Examples of Hinge Joint:


Image Example of Hinge Joint:

1: Ball and socket joint; 2: Condyloid joint.e.g. sam shaw joints (Ellipsoid); 3: Saddle joint; 4 Hinge joint; 5: Pivot joint.